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June 17, 2021

UNITAR and Al Sharq Forum sign a Memorandum of Understanding to promote peacebuilding, conflict transformation, human rights promotion and gender equality in the Middle East and North Africa region and globally

On 17 June 2021 the Division for Peace of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Al Sharq Forum (ASF) with the aim of strengthening targeted learning and capacity building offers in the areas of peacebuilding, conflict resolution, human rights promotion and gender equality. Al Sharq Forum’s capacity-building platforms and its access to local grass-root networks, combined with UNITAR’s wide expertise and experiences of providing innovative learning solutions, will undoubtedly better prepare changemakers across the globe to help their communities on their path to lasting peace and sustainable development.

Established in 1963, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) one of the dedicated training arms of the United Nations, with a mission to help Member States develop the capacities of individuals, organisations and institutions to enhance global decision-making and to support country-level action for shaping a better future. The Division for Peace, within UNITAR supports the establishment of peaceful, just and inclusive societies through enabling individuals, institutions and organisation to contribute meaningfully to sustainable peace. An innovative and comprehensive set of learning and knowledge exchange methodologies, tailored specifically to the needs of the beneficiaries effectively develops and strengthens knowledge and skills as well as transforms mindsets and behaviours.

At the present stage, the Al Sharq Forum is in discussions with the UNITAR’s Division for Peace to develop rich and sustainable interventions between the UNITAR Youth and Women Empowerment team and the Al Sharq Youth pillar, as well as the UNITAR Online Learning and Education team and Al Sharq Academia pillar, respectively.

In the first track of the partnership, Al Sharq Youth (ASY) and UNITAR are working hand in hand to reinforce the learning environment and reach of the Al Sharq International Fellowship Program. The synergetic experiences of UNITAR and ASY bring together organisational knowledge assets, access to local networks, and track-records of successful delivery of projects and programmes to consolidate the desired learning outcomes and to contribute to the overall strategic development of this intercontinental programme. Over the next two years, UNITAR and ASY will curate and design the programme content with the overall goal of bringing forth the next generation of globally oriented and locally committed ethical leaders in the Middle East and North Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe with the complex problem skills, systems thinking and ability to lead that are necessary to support these agents of change.

UNITAR and Al Sharq Academia are also exploring the idea of developing a higher education programme focusing on the causes and dynamics of social conflicts in the MENA region and in fostering constructive ways to create peace. This programme will depart from the societal structures and the political contexts of the MENA region to advance knowledge and key practical skills for developing effective conflict resolution strategies.

In a constant search for excellence in action and innovation, Al Sharq Forum is honoured to welcome UNITAR as an official partner of the Organisation. We are looking forward to a long-lasting, strategic and a fruitful collaboration.