Al Sharq Youth Forum Profile


Al Sharq Youth Forum is a decentralized network of young people that emerged in 2012 under the wing of the Al Sharq Forum . It includes active young members representing the region’s major four ethnicities: Arabs, Turks, Persians and Kurds.

The forum is led authentically by people from the region, and thereby steers away from the symbolic forums and discussions that occur outside the region. The forum seeks balance, understanding and agreement on the major interests and principles that will drive the betterment of the region and thereby consolidates hope for future generations.

Young people are not vehicles of war and destruction. Rather, we believe young people should play a leading role in the stabilisation and betterment of the region. Young people are willing and most capable of being stewards of a stronger region – one that includes and integrates all of its demographics.



An economically prosperous and politically stable future of the region by fostering the values of communication, collaboration and democracy within young people.


Strategic Goals and Values

  • Promoting acceptance of intellectual, sectarian and political diversity.

  • Exchanging experiences and identifying priorities among young people within and beyond the region.

  • Fostering dialogue and collaboration between elite young people within and beyond the region.

  • Cultivating a youth elite committed to the values of its nations, qualified to understand the world and able to build a better future for everyone.


  1. Membership is open to all nationalities, religions, ethnicities and races within the region, regardless of intellectual and ideological orientation. It is also open to people outside the region who are passionate about seeing change within the region.

  2. Members are active and ambitious young leaders under the age of 35.

  3. Becoming a member requires applying on the official website of the Forum.

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