jewar-logoJewar is a progressive, forward-looking initiative that believes in the need for professional and organized societal peace programs across AlSharq region. It aims to formally train and mentor promising young people on social reconciliation concepts and skills; thereby promoting social peace and stability in the post-conflict period.

I. Basic Data:

–         The Organization Name: Al Sharq Forum

–         The Project Name: JEWAR … Social Reconciliation Training Programme

–         The Project Dates:

o  Preparation: Aug – Oct 2015

o  Phase I: Dec 2015 – March 2016

o  Phase II: May 2016

–         The Training Venues: Online (Virtual), Istanbul, and Cape Town


II. Participants:

Twenty three trainees (from 15 countries) were chosen out of nearly 270 applicants after revising their CVs experiences in the civil activities and interviewing the short-listed applicants to ensure their personal qualities. By the end of phase I, three trainees were excluded due to their poor performance.


III. Trainers:

o  Mr. Abdullah Erfan (A PhD Researcher at Geneva Institute of Development and International Studies)

o  Mr. Ghassan Abu-Diab (Founder of the Global Forum for Religions and Humanity – Lebanon)

o  Ms. Mandy Sanger (Education Manager at The District Six Museum Foundation, Cape Town)

o  Ms. Najwan Al-Ashwal (Chairperson of the Regional Center for Mediation and Dialogue)

o  Mr. Yasser Al-Gharbawi (Director of the Diversity Center for Studies – Qatar)

o  Mr. Yilmaz Ensaroglu (Advisor to Turkish Prime Minister)


IV. Phases of Training:

Phase I: Knowledge and skills training

This includes online lectures on:

–         The roots of sectarianism in Al Sharq region

–         Introduction to conflict resolution: theories and concepts

–         Skills and tools of social reconciliation

At the end of this phase, the trainees were asked to prepare reaction papers on the studied topics and proposals for civil society initiatives as final projects. Then, they were invited for three-days training retreat in Istanbul. In this retreat, workshops and seminars were organized and different case studies about conflicts in Darfur, Turkey, Lebanon, and South Africa were discussed with social reconciliation experts.

Phase II: Field visits and mentorship training

Based on their performance, four distinguished trainees were invited to visit the institutions which are involved in the social reconciliation in South Africa after the collapse of apartheid regime to learn from their experiences. These institutions included: Institute for Healing of Memories, Institute of Justice and Reconciliation, Six District Museum, Cape Peninsula University, and Stellenbosch University.

IV. Multimedia:

Mr. Mohammad Affan (Training Director at Al Sharq Forum)

Ms. Najwan Al-Ashwal (Training on Early Alert and Rapid Intervention)

Mr. Ghassan Abu-Diab (Civil Society Initiatives in support of Social Peace: Illustrations from the Lebanese Experience)

Ms. Mandy Sanger (The Role of NGOs in supporting Social Peace in South Africa)

Mr. Yasser Al-Gharbawi (Darfur: Initiatives in Support of Social Peace and Reconciliation)

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