Training unit in AlSharq Forum

Al Sharq forum training unit aims to prepare political, economic, and media cadres by working through two programs:

  • Online certified academic courses
  • Mentorship training

The participant through these programs acquires the academic qualification to recognize intellectual and philosophical backgrounds, and possess research and academic tools, in addition to skills and practical experience through training courses and mentorship that includes realistic field visits needed to understand the policies and create relationships.

The Programs:

  • A. Online certified academic courses:
    This Program offers a set of certified academic courses including essential introductions to political, economic, and media sciences, in addition to more advanced specialized topics and applied regional studies related to Al Sharq in various fields: governance, economy, and international relations, using online educational platforms according to accredited academic standards.
  • B. Mentorship Training:
    This program is designed for the high caliber cadres to offer them professional training courses by mentorship that enables them to gain the required skills and experiences in political, economic, and media fields and allows them firsthand watch of the experiments of the pioneer institutions and building relations with the prominent figures in their fields of interest.
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