ASYF Annual Conference 2017 – Embracing The Future

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While optimism may bring about self-deception, the alternative of abject hopelessness may blind us to the truths of possibilities and grounded capabilities of all that can be achieved to realizing a brilliant future. At our most human, we find a thrill of exploring the uncharted as we map courses for the future; This could not be truer than in our day and age where we stand witness to revolutions of science and society in increasingly fast-paced lives. This is easily seen in our deeply connected world economy manifesting the effects of globalization.

as humanity pushes frontiers of technology and pursues currents of growth collectively presenting the greatest change life on our planet has ever experienced.  With such advancements in genetics, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and materials sciences, a new balance in political, economic and military power has emerged and the traditional conceptions of advantage and power shift from the core to the periphery.  Considering such revolutionary developments, the future is a wealth of opportunity in demand of human passion, energy and creativity.

For more information about the conference please visit Al Sharq Youth Conference website

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