Due to the historical interconnectedness of the peoples of the region; And due to the current waves of global, regional, and local political changes and geostrategic shifts; And as a result of the challenges ahead that need to be addressed to achieve peace, stability and prosperity; The Sharq Forum was established.

Vision and Mission

The Sharq Forum is an independent international network whose mission is to undertake impartial research and develop long-term strategies to ensure the political development, social justice and economic prosperity of the people of Al-Sharq. It will do this through public-spirited research, promoting the ideals of democratic participation, an informed citizenry, multi-stakeholder dialogue and social justice.

Through bringing together politicians, social activists, intellectuals, religious leaders, youth leaders, businessmen and entrepreneurs, the Forum will serve as a rallying point to exchange ideas, foster expertise, develop agendas and build consensus amongst members. It will also serve as a bridge between its stakeholders and the international community.

The Forum aims to reflect the historical consciousness of the people within the region – the Arab world and the wider Middle East. This region has been undergoing a century long process of transformation that has been marked by trauma and upheaval. The Sharq Forum will chart possible scenarios and responses to this change, based on common values and the aspirations of its people.

As the region is interconnected, the Forum will facilitate dialogue between its members and amongst the constituent nations and peoples of the region. Recognising that these stakeholders share a common historical and cultural heritage, the Forum seeks to identify and serve the mutual and interconnected strategic, economic and intellectual interests of these nations.

From this broad and over-arching vision, it is hoped that a number of specialised sub-forums will emerge dedicated to various sectors of relevance including but not exclusive to youth, business and intellectual endeavour.


Membership to the Forum will be open to the political forces, intellectual vanguard, social and youth movements, civil society organizations, entrepreneurs and journalists in the region.


The Sharq Forum is an international non-profit organisation. It is strictly non-partisan and does not serve or represent any particular ideological, ethnic or sectarian agenda.

The structure of the Forum will be drawn in a manner that is conducive to achieving the vision, mission and overall objectives thereof.

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