Interactive Timeline of Turkey’s Failed Coup Attempt – Vertical Timeline

Interactive Timeline of Turkey’s Failed Coup Attempt

Interactive Timeline of Turkey’s Failed Coup Attempt


15 July 16:00 – MİT is tipped off about unusual activities in some garrisons

MİT (Turkish National Intelligence Agency) picks up unusual activity (troop movements and shifts, intense signal movements) inside military barracks and garrisons in Istanbul and Ankara in the afternoon and warns the General Staff.

16:30 – Intelligence Head briefs Deputy top General

Hakan Fidan, the Chief of Intelligence informs the Deputy Chief of General Staff Yaşar Güler about these sudden and unusual activities within the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF).

17:00 – Intelligence Head visits Deputy top General

Deputy Chief of Turkish Intelligence visits the General Staff Command in Ankara to notify the Generals of these movements and has a detailed briefing with General Güler.

18:00 – Meeting at General Staff Building

Hakan Fidan meets Hulusi Akar, the Chief of General Staff (CGS), Salih Zeki Çolak, the Commander of Land Forces, and General Güler to assess this intelligence. The General Staff issues an order for; shutting down of Turkish air space to all military flights; immediate halt of all tank movements; immediate ban on any troop movements; and taking off of any fighter jets.

19:00 – Coup plotters take generals hostage

Realizing that their plan was now about to be fully exposed, the coup plotters abruptly start the execution of their coup plan, much earlier than their planned coup time at 3 a.m. They first try to arrest the most senior generals in the General Staff and try to take over the Command. Despite reported resistance, rebel officers are able to detain all three generals and lock them up in the bunker within the Command. There they attempt to force the CGS to sign the coup memorandum and bless the coup attempt, but General Akar vehemently refuses. The putschists strangled Akar with a belt and pointed a gun at his head. The bruise on Akar’s throat is seen in the photo. Around the same time, the Commander of the Navy Admiral, Veysel Kösele, is also taken hostage in a Navy Ship away from the shore.

21:15 – Main roads in Istanbul blocked

The coup plotters gradually move into action and capture both Bosphorus bridges.

21:30 – AKOM building raided and occupied

The coup plotters then set their eyes on AKOM (the Disaster Coordination Center) which would allow them to easily control Istanbul via CCTVs.

21:40 – Istanbul Municipality raided

The coup plotters raid Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

22:00 – Close down of Istanbul bridges and roads

The coup attempters close down both Bosphorus bridges and begin regulating the traffic coming in and out of Istanbul (they stop the former and allow the latter).

22:00 – F-16 fighter jets on scene low flying

Several fighter jets begin flying at very low altitudes over Ankara and Istanbul, trying to instigate widespread fear in public.

22:00 – Kuleli Military High School Students Attack Çengelköy Police Station

Cadets at the Kuleli Military High School Taken out of School Campus and Ordered to Attack Çengelköy Police Station. The footage shows the rogue soldiers attacking a patisserie in Çengelköy, and in the footage it is heard the commander shouting at soliders, “Çengelköy is under control, do not show mercy to resisting civilians. ” 20 civilians died in Çengelköy resisting the rogue soldiers that night.

22:30 – The PM affirms there is a coup attempt

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım affirms that there is a possibility that a faction within the military, in violation of military hierarchy, is attempting a coup.

22:45 – National Intelligence Headquarters is attacked

Military helicopters target MİT Headquarters in Ankara. Clashes break out between MİT personnel and coup plotters who try to raid the headquarters.

23:00 – Coup attempters abduct several top generals from a wedding in Istanbul

Coup plotters raid the wedding ceremony of Eskişehir Combat Air Unit Commander Mehmet Şanver’s daughter in Istanbul and detain the Chief of the Airforce, General Abidin Ünal, and several other senior officers.

23:13 – Istanbul’s largest airport is closed

Istanbul Atatürk Airport is closed to traffic by rebel officers.

23:15 – State-run TV channel occupied by coup plotters

The coup plotters raid the TRT (Turkish state broadcasting) building.

23:20 – Ankara Police headquarters targeted by rebel jets

Fighter jets attack the Police Special Operations Headquarters in Ankara in an attempt to neutralize them.

23:25 – Coup Plotters bomb the Police Special Forces Unit

The coup plotters bomb the Police Special Forces Training Unit and kill 42 officers.

23:45 – Istanbul’s main square closed off

Taksim Square is closed off to traffic by rebel officers.

16 July 00:00 – Coup Memorandum announced on TRT

The coup plotters have their coup memorandum read out by the TRT anchorwoman, also broadcasting an order for all other TV channels to follow suit.

00:10 – MİT announces that efforts to counter the coup attempt are about to succeed

MİT spokesman Nuh Yılmaz announces on TV that his agency is about to counter the coup attempt.

00:30 – Erdoğan appears on TV via Facetime app

President Erdoğan connects to CNNTurk live via Facetime. He announces that the coup attempt is illegal; he is the Commander in Chief by law, and invites people to take to the streets to resist this coup attempt.

00:35 – TRT is off

TRT’s broadcast is cut off; it later starts broadcasting from its London office.

00:45 – Ankara police headquarters attacked again

The Police Headquarters in Ankara is hit by fighter jets in an attempt to neutralize them as police are called into action to counter the coup.

00:45 – Coup memorandum issued on General Staff website

The coup memorandum is put on the official General Staff website.

00:52 – Commander of the 1st Army declares the coup illegal and restates his allegiance to the government

The Commander of the 1st Army, Ümit Dündar, goes on TV to declare the coup illegal, stating that Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) does not support it.

01:00 – Office of the President is attacked

Helicopters attack the Presidential Complex in Ankara

01:00 – Naval forces declare support to the government

The Commander of Turkish Naval Forces, Bülent Bostanoğlu, goes on TV to decry the coup and announces that the top cadre does not support it.

01:05 – People repel tanks in Atatürk airport

Tanks stationed at Atatürk airport start to withdraw and citizens take over the airport.

01:10 – Coup plotters target satellite ground station

Attacks continue elsewhere. Attack helicopters hit the TURKSAT satellite ground station to knock out televisual contact. They kill the security guards as they enter the building.

01:30 – Special prayers recited for unity

People are called to the streets via call to prayers from mosques across Istanbul and Ankara.

01:43 – Erdoğan’s airplane leaves Dalaman, saves his life with 15 minutes

Erdoğan’s personal jet leaves Dalaman Airport for Istanbul Atatürk Airport. 15 minutes later, the special forces group of about rebel soldiers who reported to have assassination training attack the hotel where Erdogan used to stay. 2 police officers are killed.

01:47 – Special Forces Chief: ”Coup plotters are thugs”

The Commander of the Special Forces, Zekai Aksakallı, calls the coup plotters “thugs”, condemning the attempt as the work of “Gulenist treason networks”. He assures the public that they will soon control the situation.

02:00 – 3rd Army Commander calls units to return to barracks

The Commander of the 3rd Army and the Gendarmerie, Erdal Öztürk, appears on TV, calling the soldiers involved insurgent and orders forces to return to their barracks immediately.

02:30 – Turkish Parliament is bombed

The Turkish Grand National Assembly is bombed for the first time in its history

02:35 – MİT Spokesman: Attempt is restrained

Nuh Yılmaz goes on TV a second time to announce that the coup attempt had now been mostly repelled.

02:44 – Commanders stationed in the southeast Turkey describe the coup attempt as the violation of chain of command

The Commander of the 7th Army Corps stationed in Diyarbakır also goes on TV, announcing the coup to be in violation of military hierarchy and assuring viewers that his soldiers are ready and loyal. Similar declarations of loyalty to the government and condemnations of the coup attempt follow for the next 3.5 hours from the commanders of the 8th Army Corps in Elazığ, the 9th in Erzurum, the Training and Doctrine Command in Ankara and the Land Forces Training Corps.

02:45 – Erdoğan on TV second time, calls for mass protests

President Erdoğan appears on TV for a second time, calling for mass protests against the coup attempt.

3:00 – Clashes Around the General Staff Command in Ankara

03:05 – Former President Gül vehemently condemns coup attempt

Former President Abdullah Gül goes on TV to condemn the coup in the strongest terms.

03:11 – Obama reiterates support for the elected Turkish government

US President Barack Obama reiterated Washington’s unwavering support for the elected Turkish government. ” The President spoke tonight by phone with Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss the events in Turkey. The President and Secretary agreed that all parties in Turkey should support the democratically-elected Government of Turkey, show restraint, and avoid any violence or bloodshed,” said the White House readout.

03:20 – Erdoğan lands in Istanbul, talks to media

President Erdoğan lands in Istanbul and holds a press conference.

03:27 – More explosions heard in Parliament

Two more explosions hit the Turkish Grand National Assembly building.

03:50 – Special Forces Commander: Situation under control

The Commander of the Special Forces, Zekai Aksakallı, went on TV again to announce this time that the situation was under control.

04:00 – Presidential Complex is attacked again

Helicopters attack the Presidential complex and shoot down at the people and buildings with machine guns

04:20 – Abducted top General rescued

CGS Hulusi Akar is rescued from where he was being detained. At this point, no word has yet been heard about the situation of the Commander of the Gendarmerie and the Commander of the Navy.

05:30 – Cadets of the Kuleli Military High School ordered back to return to their campus

06:00 – Rebel jets bomb the Presidential Complex and civilians die

Rebel jets bomb the Presidential Complex and 2 of the civilians who gathered in front of the complex for defense die and several get injured. The Presidential building is damaged.

06:20 – Coup plotters surrender

All tanks guarding the bridges withdraw and their officers surrender.

06:30 – Erdogan addresses the people again

Erdogan addresses the people at the Ataturk Airport. He calls the coup attempt a terrorist attack and announces that the Gulenists finally fully revealed their bloody terrorist and criminal side. He assures the public that the elected officials are taking control and will restore order.

06:52 – PM Yıldırım announces that Ümit Dündar, Commander of the 1st Army, is appointed as the Acting Chief of General Staff

08:30 – Plotters in Gendarmerie headquarters surrender

Coup plotters at Gendarmerie Command in Ankara surrender to the police.

10:57 – First Army Commander and the Acting Chief of General Staff anounces that the coup attempt is over

Acting Chief of General Staff Ümit Dündar holds a press conference, announcing that the coup attempt had been repelled and that “Turkey has fully closed down its chapter of juntas and coups d’état”. He also confirmed rumors that the Commander of the Navy had been taken hostage in a Navy ship and that ship had now returned to Gölcük Naval Shipyard.

11:45 – A No fly zone is declared in the Marmara region for defensive purposes.

11:51 – Eight coup plotters escape to Greece for asylum

One of the helicopters taking part in the coup attempt lands in Alexandroupoli, Greece, and several of the top commanders of the coup attempt seeks asylum there.

12:20 – The PM holds a press conference

Prime Minister Yıldırım says 161 people were killed, 1,440 wounded, and 2,839 army members detained, including both ordinary soldiers and high-ranking officers.

14:55 – Judiciary takes measures

The Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) suspends 2,745 personnel for being involved or associated with the coup planners and attempters.

16:30 – US offer to help Turkey investigate failed coup attempt

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday in Luxembourg that the United States will help Turkey investigate a failed coup and invited Ankara to share any evidence it has against US-based figure Fethullah Gülen, who is the leader of the Gülenist movement, a group that is designated a terrorist organization by Turkey.

17:00 – The Grand National Assembly convenes for an emergency session.

The leaders of the all four political parties, AKP, MHP, CHP and HDP, show a united front in condemning the coup and celebrating the victory of the people in defending their democracy. They sign a joint declaration in the parliament. Thousands chant outside the parliament.

21:00 – Two Supreme Court members detained

Alparslan Altan and Erdal Tercan, members of the country’s top court who have been suspected to be linked to the Gulenists, have been detained after a failed coup attempt aiming to oust the democratically-elected government on Friday night.

17 July 07:00 – 52 troops, including major generals detained for coup affiliation

More than 50 senior army officers linked to Friday’s failed military coup attempt are arrested in the western province of Denizli

11:50 – Helicopters to receive plotters arrives at Greece

A team from the Turkish Armed Forces Saturday arrived in Greece to bring back the eight pro-coup soldiers who fled to Greece

14:00 – Erdoğan: Extradition of Gülenist fugitives on run to be requested from US & EU

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan says that formal requests to extradite Gülenist fugitives, who were involved in the failed coup attempt and are on the run, will be made to the U.S. and EU.

16:00 – Top figure of coup attempt face investigation

Former air force commander General Akın Öztürk brought to Counter Terrorism Unit in Ankara for questioning

17:00 – Turkish Armed Forces announce coup attempt fully terminated

Turkish Armed Forces releases a statement on Sunday, stating that the coup attempt officially ended as of 4:30 p.m. “During the evening hours of July 15, 2016, the terrorist traitors of the illegal junta whom were nested inside the structure of the TAF were effectively neutralized without reaching their goals after the heroic and swift actions of first the Turkish nation, then the TAF and the police.”

17:00 – Merkel condemns coup attempt, declares standing with democracy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemns the failed coup attempt. Merkel says that Germany stands on the side of Turkish citizens who ‘defended democracy and the rule of law’.

17:00 – Erdoğan’s top military aide detained for complicity in coup attempt

Colonel Ali Yazıcı, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s aide-de-camp, taken into custody for complicity in coup attempt on Sunday.

23:12 – 149 police officials detained in Ankara

149 police officials, including 49 chiefs of police, have been detained on Sunday in Ankara for complicity in the failed coup attempt.

18 July 09:00 – Cabinet convenes in urgent

The Cabinet holds an urgent meeting.

12:45 – PM Yıldırım announces latest figures in casualties, investigations

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım talks to media during the cabinet meeting. He says that 208 people, including 60 police officers, three soldiers, and 145 civilians, had been killed by the coup plotters, while 1,491 people remained wounded. 7,543 people were still detained from the coup attempt, including 100 police officers, 6,038 soldiers of different ranks, 755 judges and prosecutors, and 650 civilians.

20 July 13:10 – National Security meeting convenes for important decisions

Extraordinary National Security Council and Council of Ministers meetings chaired by President Erdoğan convene in Ankara. Important decisions are expected.

16:55 – Defense Ministry: All military judiciary officers under probe

The National Defense Ministry announces investigations into all judges and prosecutors in military courts. 262 military judges and prosecutors are therefore suspended from duty.

23:24 – President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announces 3-month long State of Emergency.

After the National Security Meeting and the Cabinet Meeting, the President announces a 3-month long State of Emergency. He assures the public that this situation will not limit or damage democratic rights of the citizens, and explains that the State of Emergency is brought to ensure the coup planners and attempters are fully purged from government institutions.


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