Al Sharq Forum, in partnership with European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), successfully hosted the Geneva Workshop

Click to see the full list of participants and event photos.

Al Sharq Forum, in partnership with European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), sucessfully hosted the Geneva Workshop on question of “What are the implications of regional developments and turmoil on the Palestinian issue?”

See below for the full list of participants and event photos. The conference report will be released shortly. 
Mr. Wadah Khanfar President of Al Sharq Forum & Former Director General of Al Jazeera Network
Mr. Galip Dalay Director of Research, Al Sharq Forum
Mr. Daniel Levy MENA Director, European Council on Foreign Relations
Ms. Zeynep Coskun Research Fellow, Al Sharq Forum
Mr. Talha Kose Head of International Relations in Sehir University
Mr. Steve Clemons Editor, Atlantic Monthly
Mr. Mohamed Dangor Director of Policy pLanning, Ministry of Foreign Affairs South Africa
Mr. Krassimir Nikolov European Union External Action Deputy Head of Unit MENA
Mr. Matt Duss Head of Foundation for Middle East Peace
Mr. Brian Katulis Center for American Progress
Mr. David Hearst Editor in Chief, Middle East Eye & Former Lead Editor, the Guardian
Mr. Mesut Ozcan Director of Diplomacy Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Turkey
Mr. Burhan Koroglu Chairman of the Board, Al Jazeera Turk
Mr. Fatih Er Managing Director, TRT World
Mr. Clayton Swisher Head of Investigative Journalism, Al Jazeera
Mr. John Bell Director of the Middle East Programme, Toledo International Centre for Peace in Madrid
Mr. Francis Ward Project Director, Human Dialogue Centre Geneva
Mr. Ashraf Suliman Head of the South African Representative Office in Ramallah
Mr. Hugh Lovatt Research Fellow, ECFR
Mr. Ihtisham Hibatullah Head of International Relations Department Al Jazeera
Mr. Juan Jose Escobar Stemmann Spanish Consul General to Palestine
Mr. Taha Ozhan Chairman of Foreign Relations Commission of the Turkish Parliament
Mr. Akif Beki Columnist, Hurriyet Newspaper
Mr. Leon Fernando Del Canto Board Member, Al Sharq Forum Foundation
Mr. Aslam Farouk Ali South Africa Ambassador to Morrocco
Mr. Amjad Atallah Editor in Chief, Al Jazeera America
Mr. Mohammad Sawalha Director, British Muslim Initiative
Mr. Zaher Birawi Director of Europal Forum
Mr. Rafael Heiber Director of Common Action Forum
Ms. Lani Frerichs Policy Advisor to Oxfam
Ms. Sarah Franck Cordoba Foundation Representative

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