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My guess is that nothing significant will change. The government will try to be open with people, to propose initiatives, but there are structural problems - diversification, the banking problem and relations with the rest of world, especially Trump

Tamer Badawi
January 1, 2018 / Reuters

What happened over the past few weeks eventually boiled down to Saudi Arabia's attempts to reshape a new structure in the region, without consensus from either Turkey or Iran,

Wadah Khanfar
July 5, 2017 / Deutche Welle

The boycott also aims to demolish Gulf countries' solidarity. You managed to damage Gulf Cooperation Council. You provoked strong countries like Turkey and Iran. You cannot be successful. You will be weak strategically and politically. This blockade will fail.

Wadah Khanfar
June 12, 2017 / Anadolu Agency

Turkey feels all of its stances on major regional issues are also being targeted. If Qatar gives in to these pressures, Turkey will lose its closest ally.

Galip Dalay
June 15, 2017 / The Wall Street Journal

Transitioning from neutral mediator to the role of firmly supporting the side of Qatar. On the other hand, Turkey is very concerned that if Qatar succumbs to pressure, inevitably Qatar will re-evaluate its relationship with Turkey.

Galip Dalay
June 7, 2017 / The New York Times

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